It,s snowing in Mallorca

Welcome friend! Today is a very special day for all Mallorcans, it's snowing on our island! As you said, it's a rare event around here, but when it happens, it's a magical experience for young and old alike. The Serra de Tramuntana, which is our mountain range, is the ideal place to enjoy the snow. Climbing up there with caution, as the roads can be a bit dangerous, and teaching the little ones how to make a good snowman is an activity you can't miss! But there are also other options to enjoy this snow at sea level, such as walking along the Paseo Marítimo or visiting the Cathedral of Palma under a blanket of snow. And when it's cold, there's nothing better than a good spicy arros brut, accompanied by a wine from our land. And, of course, a hot chocolate with an ensaïmada from Can Joan de S'Aigo. At our Hotel Amic Horizonte, we are always ready for these special occasions, preparing a special cocktail for our clients who come to enjoy this unique experience.


SILENT ISLAND from tim hahne on Vimeo .

Weather video in CAN PASTILLA

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Mallorca enjoys Mediterranean weather

Mallorca enjoys Mediterranean weather, with mild winters and hot summers and each season has something unique to offer visitors to the island. During July and August, the weather is both hot and sunny and there are nearly 11 hours of sun each day in Mallorca. These sunny, hot months and generally wonderful weather tend to be the peak of the tourist season in Mallorca. Fewer sunny days occur in November, December and January, when Mallorca is at its most quiet, although the island is still attractive at this time of the year, with fine, mild weather on most days.